Talent Submission

Submissions for Adults and Kids 5 years and older:

Models - Submit three current professional photos.
Actors - Headshot, Resume and Demo reel.
Voiceover - You must submit your professional demo in order to be considered.

New Talent - You do not need to have professional photos to submit. Please submit us three cell photos or regular home snapshots.

Please make sure all photos are 1 megabyte or less.

After submitting, we will only contact you within 3 to 4 weeks if we are interested in representing you.

Submissions for Kids under 5: PLEASE READ

There is no need to submit through this page. Due to the irregularity of work for babies and toddlers in our market, we typically do not actively represent kids under 5, but we will add your email address to our baby/toddler e-mail list. This means that anytime we have a project for kids under 5, we will send an email out to this entire email list. The email will explain what the job is and what we are looking for. At that time, if your child matches the specifications requested, we will ask that you send us three current cell phone photos, current sizes, and parent/guardian name and contact phone number. We will then submit your child for that particular project. If your child is selected for the booking, an agent will reach out to you and explain the process of moving forward.

You do not need to have professional photos for Babies/Toddlers. We can book off of cell-phone photos for kids under 5.

If you would like to be added to our email list, please send an email to Info@BenzTalent.com

Thank you again for your submission.

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